Friday, February 8, 2013

Surinamestraat 20 in The Hague

This house represents a major  part of the history of Dutch literature. Articles have been written about Couperus, students have written their thesis about his books, but the house where Couperus wrote one of his most important novels is for sale.  And the Dutch governement will not supply funds to buy it and keep this house as a true monument of the richness of Dutch culture. In this blog we, the Louis Couperus Foundation, will provide you with a series of sketches about Couperus' life and his importance to Dutch culture.

Surinamestraat 20 The Hague


We hope you enjoy reading as much as we do writing about Louis Couperus and his true value, not only for the Netherlands, but also for countries where his books were translated, such as England, Germany and the United States. As for a start we've complete rewritten Louis Couperus' article on Wikipedia - enjoy!

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