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Conrad Theodor van Deventer


Conrad Theodor van Deventer


Conrad Theodor van Deventer

Van Deventer is one of the interesting residents of Surinamestraat 20 and someone to be proud of too! He bought Surinamestraat 20 from John Ricus Couperus, father of Louis, in 1903. Van Deventer was an important person in the Dutch East Indies and a leading figure in the Dutch Ethical Policy Movement.  Do you want to know more?

Well, we've written an interesting article about him! You can read all about him here. To get us in the mood, below is a small part of his interesting life: 

In 1899 Van Deventer wrote a very influential article, called "Een Ereschuld" (a debt of honour) in the Dutch magazine "De Gids". In this article Van Deventer stated that the Netherlands had a dept of honor of nearly 190 million gulden opposite the Dutch East Indies and had to pay for this dept of honor.[31][32] When the Dutch East Indian budget was discussed in the House of Representatives a lot of attention was payed to Van Deventer's article, although not all members agreed with the content of the article.[33] Van Deventer was appointed member of the editorial board of "The Gids" as of January 1, 1901.[34]

Want to know more: here is more!

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